Where will Driverless Cars leave the Car Insurance Industry

There are many questions the subject of driverless cars raise. Just how safe are they?  How will autonomous car mix with padestrians? How will the transition happen? there are various vers taken buy the different sections of the motor industry. But one very Interested party might well be asking wheather they will be leaving the party? Tiptree Financial Inc’s CMO Scott Mclaren takes a look at the impact automonous cars might have on the market


Will Self-Driving Cars Eliminate Auto Insurance?

driverless cars


Recently, Tesla’s Elon Musk suggested that driving your car could someday become illegal. Don’t start shredding your driver’s license just yet, but he’s right — and that day could be here sooner than you think. According to Business Insider, fully autonomous vehicles  those that can drive from point A to point B without driver interaction will hit the road by 2020 Read more here……

So fewer humans driving will mean less driver error, and there will still be damage from flood etc but without question the insurance industry will be changing.


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